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The inter-war period brings a rapid development of mo-    Then Jawetta 551 follows, a very progressive moped tak-       generation Stadion S23. This series is solely intended for
torsport and former Czechoslovakia is no different. When  ing attention on roads especially due to its design that is   off-shore exports. This miniseries 2,011 motorcycles ac-
František Janeček registers a brand-new trademark         hard to miss. Along with Jawetta 551, largely popular Sta-    tually brings end to Stadion production in Rakovník. After
JAWA in 1929, no one thinks this might be the begin-      dion motorcycle is manufactured in cooperation with the       only 8-years of motorcycle manufacturing the produc-
ning of a new Czechoslovak and world motorsport era.      plant in Rakovník. The first series is designated Stadion     tion is stopped. From its launch in 1956 until the closure in
The brand JAWA motorcycles originates by merging the      S11 type JAWA 552 and no driving licence nor license plate    1964, Stadion contributed with its unique characteristics
first two letters of the name Janeček and the Wander-     is needed to drive this model. The first series is a success  to motorisation of larger masses and popularisation of
er motorcycle from Germany, to which                      and the plant introduces another moped Stadion S22.
Janeček buys a licence.                                                                                                                        motorsport as such. The JAWA plants
The first JAWA motorcycle is intro-                       The plant responds to the both, changes in legislation re-                             in the Czech and Slovakia continue to
duced already in 1929. However, as a                      quiring registration of motorcycles and driving license as                             produce new generations of Pioneers.
luxury model it fails to match market                     well as changes in consumer demand as people want a                                    In late 60s, Mustangs are made. The
demand, i.e. demand for people’s mo-                      more elegant, modern, and comfortable motorcycle. Sta-                                 first version of Mustang JAWA 23A
torcycle at popular price. A few years                    dion S22 is a big hit. Although absolute top of technical                              also has a more famous model JAWA
later, this becomes reality thanks to                     and designing skills the Rakovník factory shows in its third                           23 intended for export to Western
the cooperation with George Patch-                                                                                                               markets, especially, Neckermann
ett, motorcycle racer and engineer                                                                                                               consumer chain in West Germany.
from England. Following further tech-                                                                                                            It is called “Mustang Neckermann.”
nical improvements, the JAWA com-                                                                                                                The final fourth JAWA generation is
pany initiates a mass production. Suc-                                                                                                           introduced in 1978. The JAWA mo-
cess in business is soon interrupted                                                                                                             torcycles have been sold with great
by Mr Janeček’s death and the WW II,                                                                                                             success in European, American as
during which the factory is prohibited                                                                                                           well as Asian markets. In its great era,
to manufacture motorcycles, instead                                                                                                              late 70s, JAWA exports motorcycles
it has to switch to aircraft compo-                                                                                                              to 120 countries throughout the world.
nents. But the manufacturing program                                                                                                             Of the large number of Czechoslovak
of the JAWA company actually con-                                                                                                                motor brands, few were able to at-
tinues in secret. Janeček’s colleagues                                                                                                           tract such attention and popularity as
hide all components and parts in var-                                                                                                            JAWA did. It still remains today.
ious places in the area around the
factory and thanks to this the original
manufacturing program managed to
be reinitiated. In the post-war economic boom, small mo-
torcycles enabling mobility of wider masses are actually
missing on the market. So, in the 50s JAWA also aims at
small capacity motorcycles up to 50 cc. Famous “Pioni-
er” (Pioneer) and its legendary model JAWA 550, called
“Peň” (Stump), boosts popularity of small motorcycles.
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